Kingdom of Ungar

Ruler: King Ioldel Turagirn (Dwf Male Fighter 12), Population: 2,835,447 (2,726,307 Dwarves, 74,614 Humans, 23,675 Gnomes, 10,851 Other), Capital: Valkrar; Population: 783,981, Exports: Mythril ore, Iron ore, Copper ore, Gold ore, Lead ore, Silver ore, Platinum ore, Gems, Craft goods (Armor and Arms), Coal, Imports: Timber, Grain

The Kingdom of Ungar is the mountainous country of the dwarves.

Notable Locations:
Towns, Villages and Cities:

Azberk: The most eastern city, not counting the human settlement of Fishertown, Azberk is expanding rapidly.

Fishertown: A human port town on the mouth of the Bay of Schnackpfefferhausen.

Gamalmek: This coastal city is both sprawling towers of the Dwarven Mages out looking the sea and clan holdings deep in the mountains north of the sea. Gamalmek is the second smallest city only overtopped by Valkrar itself.

Hardum: This city lies north west of Gamalmek. It is rich in Mythril ore.

Lazakul: West of Valkrar.

Klorfal: West most city.

Valkrar: The Capitol of the Kingdom of Ungar.

Other Important Sites:

Duerlagg: Once a human city on the outskirts of the Dagrin Desert it is now a desolate ruin.

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Kingdom of Ungar

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