Caleb's Pointe

Lord: Sir Shayne Tybalt (male Myrmidon Aristocrat 3rd lvl), Population: 106 (Myrmidons: 12, Humans: 86, Other: 7), Imports: Textiles, ale, manufactured goods, fine wines (For the Tybalt Estate), Exports: Fish

Caleb’s Pointe is a quaint little fishing hamlet that resides just off the intersection of Ansgar River Road and Old Timber Way that heads straight to Dargarth; because of Caleb’s Pointe’s proximity to the cross roads it sees the foot traffic of many travelers who seek a single night’s rest. For this very reason Caleb’s Pointe is much better known then most villages it’s size.

Caleb’s Pointe main source of income is simply fish. Most of the town’s folk fish up and down river daily, it’s then smoked and much over their surplus is sent up to Dargarth. Those who don’t fish tend the village farm, which provides the town with the test its foodstuffs.

Notable Persons:

Lord Shayne Tybalt: (male Myrmidon Aristocrat 3rd lvl) Lord Shayne Tybalt is not your usual button upped Myrmidon Lord governing over a small but importantly located fief who takes his responsibilities seriously. No, rather Shayne Tybalt is a young, impulsive, fun loving lord who is bored out of his mind governing Caleb’s Pointe. Shayne did not ask for this responsibility it was forced upon him by his father Baron Caine Tybalt to stop Shayne’s constant partying, lack of any discipline and philandering with all that moves in a skirt be it a busty house maid or Duke Alexei Kutzov’s wife Duchess Valori Kutzov. Shayne lets his staff handle most of his responsibilities while he’s off horseback riding, drinking fine wines, shameless propositioning Priestess Amelia Brey or hitting on one of the Riverside Inn’s female guests.

Decond Baptist Fritz: (male Myrmidon 4th level Cleric) Deacon Baptist Fritz is an odd little man who has been newly transferred to the village of Caleb’s Pointe. Deacon Fritz spent most of his priesthood in Dorofrey with his nose in a book or a scroll translating texts for the Church. After years of service the Church decided to reward Fritz with a promotion to Deacon and was sent to Caleb’s Pointe. Deacon Fritz however, sees it as a punishment. He would much rather be reading a good book then giving a good sermon.

Priestess Amelia Brey: (female Half-Myrmidon 2nd level Cleric) Priestess Amelia is meant for greatness, she is the niece of Viscount Lucian Triston Everette III and is expected to follow in his footsteps and perhaps be a Viscount one day. Right now she is training to be a Deacon under Deacon Baptist Fritz. Priestess Amelia takes her duties very seriously and expects all others to do the same. This outlook on life often gets her into arguments with Lord Tybalt due to his complete opposite outlook on life.

Constable Gore Garret: (male Human 4th level Warrior): Constable Garret sees himself as a great warrior meant to do great things… Only problem is he’s a middle-aged man guarding a small village and doesn’t know what went wrong. So instead of leading soldiers into battle after given heroic speeches the most exciting thing that happens to Constable Garret is when he gets to throw a rowdy traveler or fountain bather out of Caleb’s Pointe.

Lord Boris Orlov: (male Myrmidon 2nd level Aristocrat): Boris is Lord Tybalt’s Chief of Staff and Childhood best friend. He sees that all the business that Lord Tybalt has to worry about is signing documents. Boris lives in Caleb’s Pointe with his wife Lady Kira Orlov (female Myrmidon 1st level Aristocrat).

Lady Roxanne Gallo: (female 2nd level Expert): Lady Gallo does the taxing and general accounting for Caleb’s Pointe and Lord Tybalt. She is married to Lord Aldo Gallo and has one child named after her husband.

Lord Aldo Gallo: (male 3rd level Aristocrat) Lord Gallo is a bear of a man whose shear size stops Lord Tybalt from even considering doing Lady Gallo any mischief. Despite his size Lord Gallo is a very friendly man and often drinks a few with the guests at the Riverside Inn, which he owns.

Guard Edwyn Lowell: (male Human 2nd level Warrior) Ed is a young fellow who enjoys his job as town Guard and often will patrol when not even on duty.

Guard Gaffer Halfred Greenholm (male Gnome 2nd level Warrior) Gaffer is son to Andwise (male Gnome 6th level Commoner) and Bell (female Gnome 4th level Commoner) Greenholm. Instead of working at the Riverside Inn, which his parents run for Lord Gallo, Gaffer decided to join the town guard. His parents fear daily for his safety and often you’ll find either one of them bringing him food or drinks in a guise to make sure he is alright. Gaffer has 4 other siblings named Otho, Isbembard, Melantha and his twin brother Milo (male Gnome 2nd level Commoner) who runs the Fish Market.

Hereward Aleman: (male Human 5th level Commoner) Hereward runs the General store for its owner Quinlin Lynch (male Myrmidon 2nd level Expert).

Jonas Wadock (male Human 4th level Expert): Jonas is the town’s blacksmith.

Notable Locales:

Riverside Inn: The only tavern and inn in Caleb’s Pointe the Riverside sees it’s fair share of foot traffic. Many of the town’s folk, dignitaries and travelers keep the hearth fires burning late into the night.

Run by Andwise (male Gnome 6th level Commoner) and Bell (female Gnome 4th level Commoner) Greenholm and staffed by three of their five children (Otho (male Gnome 1st level Commoner), Isbembard (male Gnome 1st level Expert) and Melantha (female Gnome 1st level Tart) the Riverside is an odd but enjoyable experience.

The Riverside has 16 rooms; 4 are of what one might consider below common stands, 11 common rooms and 1 excellent room with a study area.

  • Poor: 2 CP a Night; each room holds three people. Special price: 5 CP for 3 people.
  • Common: 1 SP 1 CP a Night; each room has one bed and a chest with a common lock.
  • Excellent: 3 GP a Night; the room has one bed, a chest with a good lock, a dresser and a table with four chairs.


  • Breakfast: Chicken eggs, Melon and Millet (cost 1sp).
  • Lunch: Chicken Soup, Coarse rye bread and Custard (cost 2sp).

  • Supper: Broiled catfish, Turnips, Broad beans, Mush and Fruitcake (cost 2sp).
  • Calligan’s Brew: Very strong mead brewed in the outskirts of Dargarth, a fruity aroma and a sweet finish. DC14, 4 CP/Pint
  • Polmos Królewska: A strong spirit brewed in Allis with a minty aroma and a licorice finish. DC 15, 6 SP/Glass
  • Helwick: Basically a meal in a mug, brewed in the Helmfrid Province. Is a dry stout with the distinctive feature in the flavour is the roasted barley which remains unfermented. DC 17, 1 GP/Pint

Town Hall: This stone two story building houses the offices of Lord Tybalt’s staff and his office (which is often vacant). The Town’s taxes and tithing from the Church is kept in this building until it’s sent to Dargarth every other week.

Church: The Church is the more impressive building in all of Caleb’s Pointe. Made of Stone with two large statues of Salah made of marble outside the Church it seems almost out of place. Inside it is beautifully decorated with stain glass windows, oak pews and tapestries. The Church is used not only for religious services but also for town meetings and sometimes if the Riverside is full as an Inn as well.

Guard Station/Jail: Caleb’s Pointe has a small office for its guards, a storage area, and 3 holding cells. Outside the Station rests to sometimes empty stockades and a news bulletin. All town news, town laws and wanted posters hang on this bulletin.

Town Laws:
  • Bathing in the public fountain has been declared forbidden! Transgression of this most sacred and godly rule is punishable by a night in the stockades.
  • The practice of possession of blades longer than three inches is compulsory. Transgression of this most sacred and godly rule is punishable by night in the stockades and confiscation of said blades.
  • Causing an affray is compulsory. Penalty for non-compliance (subject to Constable’s discretion): public flogging.
  • The practice of lewd and licentious conduct is compulsory. Transgression of this most sacred and godly rule is punishable by expulsion from town.
  • The practice of grievous bodily harm is compulsory. Transgression of this most sacred and godly rule is punishable by imprisonment.
Wanted Posters Hanging at Jail/Guard Post:
  • Wanted: Drake McGee for the Crime of Theft; Reward: 200 Gold Pieces (Alive), 50 Gold Pieces (Dead), Collect in Dargarth (There is a drawing of Drake, he is a skinny looking human with a patch on his left eye and dark hair short.)
  • Wanted: Mack Clayton for the Crime of Assault, Theft and Murder; Reward: 700 Gold Pieces Alive or Dead, Collect in Dargarth (There is no drawing of Mack for now)

The Fountain: In the Center of Town Square is an old fountain with a statue of a winged Woman wearing robes; a side pack with scrolls sticking out and holds a walking stick. At the base of the statue there is no statement of who or what the statue is.

General Store: This small general store cadtures to the general needs of the community, hence it being a general store. The needs of the community involve things like fishing nets, lines, simple clothing and other basic needs. Occasionally, Hereward who runs the store, buys odd trickets he thinks travellers would like.

Hereward does take special orders from Quinlin Lynch’s (owner) warehouse in Dargarth but those normally take 3 to 4 weeks to get to town.

Besides the general store the only other place to buy merchandise is from the random Merchants that stop in the town for a day or too. Of course many of the villagers can’t afford much of what the Merchant’s are selling but it’s always fun to see what is new.

Tybalt Estate: The Tybalt Estate was built before Lord Shayne Tybalt came but as Lord of Caleb’s Pointe it is his. Surrounding the well groomed grounds side a three-sided wall made of stone five feet thick and fifteen feet high. On the fourth side is a hedge wall that is ten feet high with a gate opening in the center.

The Tybalt Estate has several buildings. 1: The Manson: This three story brick building has a sun deck in the back, seven bedrooms, a large dining hall, a wine cellar and other amenities. 2: Stables: Lord Tybalt’s prize horses are kept in these stables and feed better then most humans. 3: Guest House: This one bedroom guest house serves those guests of Lord Tybalt not good enough to sleep in his house, often used by visiting Lord’s staff and servants. 4: Storage shed: This shed stores supplies and food. 5: Servant House: This small house shelters Lord Tybalt’s servants minus his maid, butler and cook.

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Caleb's Pointe

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