Shadow Silverfang


Race: Gnoll, Age: 19, Height: 6’7’’, Weight: 310 lbs, Eyes: Yellow, Hair: Darkbrown fur , Class: Ranger, Level: 4th (ECL 7th), Alignment: Neutral Good, Religion: Odhran and Viatrix, Hit Points: 60, Initiative: +4, Speed: 30 Ft/ 6 Sq, AC: 18 (+4 Dex, +3 Armor (Silver Dragon Hyde-Studded / Spell Resistance: 5 / Cold Resistance: 10), +1 Natural AC) (Touch: 14 Flat-Footed: 14), BAB/Grapple: +3, +8, Attacks: Greatsword +9 (2d6+7), Composite Longbow Str+4 +9 (1d8+4), Sword of the Four Winds +10 (1d8+7/1d6 fire damage)

  • Fort: +12
  • Reflex: +8
  • Will: +2
  • Strength: 20 {+5}
  • Dexterity: 19 {+4}
  • Constitution: 20 {+5}
  • Intelligence: 13 {+1}
  • Wisdom: 13 {+1}
  • Charisma: 12 {+1}

Skills: Climb +5, Concentration +5, Craft- Furs +2, Handle Animal +1, Heal +2, Hide +11, Jump +5, Knowledge- Dungeoneering +1, Knowledge- Geography +1, Knowledge- Nature +3, Listen +4, Move Silently +13, Profession: Hunter +5, Ride +4, Search +1, Spot +10, Survival +10, Swim +5, and Use Rope +4.

Feats: Track, Point Blank Shot, Precise Shot, Rapid Shot, Endurance.

Class Abilities: Track (Bonus), Wild Empathy (+2) ,Animal Companion, 1st Favored Enemy (+2: Goblinoids), Combat Style: Archery.

p.Initiative Mod: +4

Weapon Attack Bonus Damage Crit Range Type
Greatsword +8 2d6+7 19-20 X 2 Slashing
Mw Composite Longbow +4 Str +8 1d8+4 X3 110 Ft Piercing

Equipment: Backpack, Bedroll, Blanket (Winter), Chalk (10 Pieces), Flint/Steel, Belt Pouch (3), Trail Ration (3 Days), Rope (Hemp) 50’, Water-skin (2), Whetstone, Cold Weather Outfit, Hunting Knives, Belt, Rucksack, Cloak (Heavy), Bowstring (1), Cure Moderate Wounds (2d8+3) Potion (1),Note of Deposit- 14,000gp, Badger Head on a Stick.

Animal Companion

Name: Tepeyollotl, Race: Jaguar, Hit Points: 23, Initiative:+4, AC: 15 (+4 Dex, +1 Natural), Touch AC: 14, Flat Footed AC: 13

  • Fortitude: +5
  • Reflex: +7
  • Will: +2
  • Strength: 16 {+3}
  • Dexterity: 19 {+4}
  • Constitution: 15 {+2}
  • Intelligence: 2 {-4}
  • Wisdom: 12 {+2}
  • Charisma: 6 {-2}

Feats: Alertness, Weapon Finesse.

p, Skills: Balance +12, Climb +11, Hide +8, Jump +11, Listen +6, Move Silently +8, Spot +6

Special Abilities: Improved Grab (Hit with a Bite for a grapple / Free Action / No attack of opportunity.), Pounce (Charge for a full attack with Rake: Claws x2. ), Scent and Low Light Vision.

Weapon Attack Bonus Damage Critical Type
Bite +6 1d6+3 x2 Piercing
Claws +1 1d3+1 x2 Slashing

Shadow Silverfang was born in the forests of Alden to Anubis Silverfang and his mate, Sable, in the year 494. Shadow was the first born child of the pair and the first child born in the Gnollish settlement of Haven. Here he was brought up to respect the life and nature that was all around him. He learned never to take a life without thinking of the consequences. Never to over hunt and to be thankful for the life that was sacrificed so he and his family could live.

As he grew, Shadow became skilled with the bow and sword. Another trait that began to shine through was his intelligence. As a boy and adolescent he was very inquisitive and sought to understand why things were the way they were. When Shadow reached the age of 13 his parents sat him down to explain the “Great Revolt” as it would become to be called in the Gnollish village. This was the first time Shadow had heard of the cruelty and violence of his race and why the others in the village fought to start a new life. The hardest thing for Shadow was to realize that no matter where he went in this world, the reputation for evil of the “Others” would haunt him.

Shadow had often seen a race of people called the Catfolk come and go from the village for trade goods. The Gnolls would hunt and save the furs and pelts and trade with the Catfolk for city goods that were scarce for a Gnoll, even the good kind, to come by. It was on one of these trading meets that Shadow met a young Catfolk named Dessimerr Running Fox. Shadow and Dessimerr became fast friends and would often spend days together traveling in the woods and looking for adventure.

It was around his 19th year of life when Shadow got the wanderlust and he approached the elders of the village with an idea. He would go out in the world and attempt to spread the word of a good Gnoll settlement, that sought to peacefully co-exist with the other peace loving peoples of the world and to start trade with such people as would be willing to barter with Gnolls. The idea was met with enthusiasm and the villagers chipped in to buy or make the items he would need in his adventures. His mother, Sable, made his cloak long and heavy to shield him from the unfriendly forces in the world. His father, Anubis, presented him with his bow. This bow was the pride of the village as it was made by the three best bow makers, masters all. In his right ear were placed two gold earrings, one to symbolize faith in the god Odhran, Master of Nature and Beasts and the other to symbolize faith in the god Viatrix the Wanderer, Lord of Liberation and Travel. Odhran, saw fit to bless the village with good hunting and farm land and Viatrix, who has blessed the Gnolls of Haven with Liberation from the Darkness and the freedom to travel the world. As Shadow received these gifts from his people, he knew that their prayers and hopes were with him. It was the gift of a heavy blanket that meant the most to him. This blanket was stitched together by the young females of the village as a symbol of their affection.

After Shadow had received his gifts, he waved to the gathered crowd. He turned and hugged his mother then he nodded to his father. When he turned he saw a short orange Catfolk approaching him from the crowd. It was Dessimerr and he was dressed for an adventure. Then Shadow and his friend turned to the road and began their journey.

Shadow Silverfang

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