Rise To Power (Nalmorah)

New Faces, Different Places.
Rolfs Log

Just outside of Hollowsdale is established the Staggering Prophit Inn, a convienant location to rest while traveling to Dagwood to follow up on rumors of a dragon. It was beneficial to stop at the SPI, as a group of adventurers were looking to locate such a beast as well. Equiped with spoils of war which include draconic armor, I was approached by one of these men and questioned about such armor. Turns out a fellow named Helios was on a mission from an orginization to hunt and kill a whelpling of a green dragon. Looking to make my name known, as well as my adventures I agreed to help him in his travel. Along with this Helios, 2 others seemed to accompany him with a flying boat; these two are known as Boddyknock, and GnollFace. In addition to the hunt they seemed to have a damsel problem, that seemed to be on the way north to where the dragon resides. They needed to free the baroness from captivity from her Baron, disguised as Inquisitors we infiltrated the town of Hawksford and made our way to the dungeon as subtly as we could. Accompinied by my wife; Ysra, Helios, and Boddyknock (standing on top of another gnome), and GnollFace we interogated the baroness while Boddyknock spoke with the Baron in attempts to poison him. While that course of action took place we made our way to the dungeon where she was captive, to free her. Speaking too loudly apparently the herald hear us and locked us in her dungeon with her. Channeling the powers of Ekkehardt I enlarge my physical prowess and strength to burst the door down and make our way to the Baron. Ultimatly the Baron was killed by a strange wooden weapon with a metal shaft, as well as the deciesion to off the Chamberlin. Displeased with the deciesion of the baroness and gnome, I kept my mouth shut for the most part only to make an off hand comment on the baroness being a murderer and a harlet. Ending the discussion they choose to raise the flag of the baroness’s flag to signify that a new ownership is established.

The brains behind the beast
The hunt of the Ettin and it's master.

After defeating the creature in Dagwood Forest.

Phantoms of Dagwood Forest
The scariest thing is what you think you see...


The journey from Dagwood to Rathreigh is a long seven day trek along Dagwood Trail. Six of those days you are surrounded by nothing but wilderness with the only signs of civilization are the cabins the dot the trail for weary travelers who need a good nights sleep. This journey is daunting any time of year for if anything goes wrong you find yourself helpless days away from either destination. The winter months are even more dangerous for there isn’t a sign of life, not even the wild animals, all is dead and you maybe next.

Leaving Dagwood for Rathreigh Asher, Viktor, Gorrdan along with Alex head down Dagwood Trail. Not many hours into the journey Viktor starts to see something following them but he can’t seem to pinpoint exactly where. Something in the forest again was playing with their minds just as before.

Their first night on the trail what was causing Viktor’s paranoia revealed itself. A human or what seemed to be a human at one point, white from head to toe- even it’s clothing. Asher, Viktor and Gordan engaged in combat with the creature. Each strike seemed to do less injury to the creature then the force that was put into it. When Gordan pulled out a torch the creature seemed to glide on the wind and disappear.

The next day and night Viktor was plagued with paranoia, that last night he left the cabin during his watch in the early hours to pursue his tormentor. Traveling up Dagwood Trail Shadow Silverfang, a Gnoll Ranger, saw and heard a figure screaming just up the trail. The figure dashed into the forest off trail. Shadow follows and discovers it’s a human armed and armored trying to find some imaginary foe.

Back at the Cabin Asher and Gordan wake to a freezing cabin.- The door was left open and Viktor missing. Asher and Gordan pick of Viktor’s trail quickly and call out for him. Not far into the forest Shadow keeps his distance from the crazed Viktor. Soon he hears the calls of Asher and Gorran and directs them to where he and Viktor are. Once they meet up Viktor is knocked out for his and everyone else’s safety. Asher tells Shadow of the unfortunate death of their fellow friend Dessimerr and they head back to the Cabin.

Once at the Cabin they exchange stories, Shadow has killed one of these creatures- with fire just the day before and he was looking for Dessimerr to help with a job just outside Rathreigh to kill an Ettin. The group agrees to help each other defeat the creatures and then deal with the Ettin.

Two more days of travel with Viktor still going in and out of paranoia and multipul sighting of the creatures Gordan sees a blue glowing light outside the cabin. Walking out he sees a cloaked figure standing in front of their horses performing some type of magic. Two of the horses were already marked with a strange symbol on their faces, Gordan alerts the others. The cloaked figure working on Viktor’s horse when the rest joined Gordan outside.

Viktor charges the cloaked figure who unsheathes a fiery sword, this does not stop him but the roots that grab his limbs after they rip out of the snow does. Once finished with the markings on the horse the cloaked figure speaks in broken Gnoll and even more broken common and explains the creatures in the forest are hunters and adventurers that were killed by a fey that was created to stop the over hunting in Dagwood Forest the winter before. They have become twisted and are attacking everything. The way to rid the forest of their presence once and for all is to kill the first. The cloaked figure bestows the fiery sword to the group along with alchemy that will make their weapons fire as well but only for a short time. The glyphs on the horses will protect them from the creatures so long as they are on the horses.

The next morning the group heads one day south on trail and then one day west into the forest. That next night, deep in the forest they make camp. A fire in the center, snow cleared and two eyes on watch. Quickly while Viktor and Shadow are attacked by the creature. It grabs a hold of Viktor and he struggles to get out of it’s grasp. Shadow lets loose a flaming arrow hitting the creature dead on as he yells for Gordan and Asher to awaken.

As they wake Viktor finally breaks out of the hold and attacks the creature with Shadow. Asher drags his sword and Gordan holds back to heal. Again and Again the creature is struck, it moved on the wind behind Gordan grabbed him and bit him. Taking advantage to the creatures immobilization while it held Gordan Asher swung down it on with all his might and sword blazing. This final blow the creature exploded into snow releasing a shock wave knocking them all down. The shock wave rippled through the forest and screams of the other creatures like it dying could be heard. All that remained of the creature was it’s heart of ice.

Change of Direction
Down the new road of prophecy.


Reaching Hallowdale just before nightfall Asher Wolfe, Gordan Terrance and scholar Alex Dratshev look for logging and horses for the journey. Alex went to secure horses, Gordan and Asher went to secure logging. The only tavern in Hallowdale is the Falling Leaf and it does not double as an inn so Asher talked to locals, one woman in particular, about getting logging and Gorran went to the local Church of Salah to see if there were any room available.

Sitting in the Falling Leaf was Viktor, a human fighter of some skill, he was set to leave Hallowdale on a protection mission but his employer, High Priest Eckbert Von Ritter, was looking for additional protect for his son Dorofei who was delivering a sword on High Priest Von Ritter’s behalf to the current lord of Dagwood Sergei Lazarev. Seeing Asher and Gordan- Both men of the cloth, Viktor decided to discuss the job with them. After some brief negations and assurance from Alex that the problems with his family in Hawksford can wait Asher and Gordan agree to help Viktor with his task.

The next morning the group set out for Dagwood. The first leg of the journey was quiet until they arrived at the small town of Ferry Way that rests on the banks of Dagwood Lake- Ferry Way was eerily still. There wasn’t even anyone manning the ferry that transports travelers on Dagwood Trail across the lake which is much fast then going around.

Returning back to Ferry Way Viktor sees a woman with child in tow rushing for the Church- Seeing them she pleads for them to follow her for their own safety. Inside the Church is the whole community, hiding and very terrified. A man who they had buried three weeks before had risen from his grave- His corpse was tormenting his widow and their newborn child. How that man died as just as much of a mystery. The Priest told Asher, Viktor and Gordan the dead man was a kind hearted scholar in his life and never did any thing remotely violent until the events that lead to his death. The day he died his wife frantically ran to the town guard- bruised and beaten- told them her husband had attacked her. The Guards went to the barn where he was in his study. During the attempt to arrest him he resisted and he was killed.

Asher and Viktor left Gordan, Alex and Dorofei back at the Church and headed north east from the town where house of the dead man was. At the barn they were attacked by the undead corpse- After a struggle the creature was slain. His whole study was ripped apart, books everywhere- one resting on a table in a language no one could read. After helping the town re-bury the man they took to book to investigate what is about.

With the town freed of the threat the group took the ferry across Dagwood Lake. Making camp after crossing the lake the group began to be spooked. Something was watching them, just out of sight and was driving Viktor and Gordan mad. The last two days of the journey Asher was forced to knock out his companions as they were driven mad by something in Dagwood Forest.

Arriving in Dagwood Asher, Viktor, Gordan along with Alex escorted Dorofei to Lord Sergei Lazarev manor. They stayed the night and headed out towards Rathreigh the next morning.

The Prophet of the Defenders, Deliverers or Deceivers.
Attack on The Staggering Profit Inn


  • Dessimerr Running Fox: Catfolk Ranger 1st lvl
  • Adrik Runehammer: Dwarf Rogue 1st lvl
  • Lucien Fairfax: Human Fighter 1st lvl
  • Asher Wolfe: Myrmidon Avenger 1st lvl
  • Gordan Terrance: Myrmidon Cleric of Salah 1st lvl

Late in the year 513 AC winter has set in our adventurers find themselves in the home town of Lucien Fairfax known as Hallowdale for the Last Night of Aveline festival. After a few days of drinking, dancing and celebrating the adventures head north to Hawksford for work which it seems to be rich with since the town has been rebuilding since the attack of Vicfire’s bandits last Spring.

On their way north a terrible snow storm forced the adventures to stop in Daleville a small hamlet on the Dagwood Trail that hosts The Staggering Profit Inn. While the rest of his companions enjoyed the hearth-fire of the Staggering Profit Dessimerr heading into the woods for some hunting. Quickly Dessimerr sighted a few Goblins who were unaware of his presence. As they headed for the small hamlet Dessimerr waited until the Goblins separated before he let loose an arrow from his bow into one of their backs. One by one Dessimerr took out the confused Goblins. When he finished he scalped them and heading to Daleville to inform his friends.

Inside the Staggering Profit Inn all was well until farmer Rhett and his daughter Pristine rushed in. Farmer Rhett had been shot with an arrow and was bleeding. Pristine pleaded for help and warned two Orcs were robbing their home. Asher, Lucien and Adrik bolted outside and quickly defeated the Orcs before any major damage was done to the home. Moments later Dessimerr returned to the Inn. The Adventures talked to everyone and learned that the Goblins and Orcs rarely cause trouble in the winter. Unsettled by this the next morning they headed out to hunt down the threat and eliminate it.

The next morning the Adventurers followed a trailer deep into Dagwood Forest hoping to find the Goblins and Orcs that were attacking Dagwood Trail. Late in the day they snuck up on a band of Goblins camping for dinner. First Adrik and Dessimerr aimed their arms at the Goblins and attacked. Next Asher and Lucien charged in from the brush and caused the Goblins to scatter. Quickly the four decimated the Goblins leaving only one alive to talk…

The Goblin awoke tied up looking up at the faces of his capturers. They asked him questions of where other Goblins where. He at first only answered that the adventurers would be “gloriously destoryed.” When they placed the slightest threat of violence on him the captive Goblin folded and told them of a camp a day east of small Goblin encampment.

The Adventurers followed the trail with Dessimerr leadnig the way. His knowledge of tracking desiphered they were several hours behind a band of Goblins and other things heading the same direction the Goblin stated. Moving through the night finally they saw the glow of a bonfire off in the distance.

Adrik took point and scouted ahead, nearly half way to the encampen he became horrified to find himself smack in the middle of a dragon’s footprint that was larger then his whole body. After reporting to his friends Adrik pushed on beyond the Dragon’s footprint.

Seemingly unseen Adrik checked out the encampen and saw Goblins, Orcs and a Bugbear piling treasure on a plateform and placing dead humans on the bonfire like goats for a feast. A booming voice shook the snow from branches but it’s speaker could not be understood by Adrik. Before he could react Adrik overheard the Orcs responding in a tongue he could understand… They knew where he was.

Swiftly Adrik lost his pursers and headed back to where Dessimerr, Asher and Lucien waited. He informed them of the Goblins, Orcs, Bugbear and the unknown voice in the forest. They started planning what to do when the group over heard noises coming their way.

Adrik and Dessimerr hide in the brush while Asher stood tall and brave for all to see. Lucien climbed the tree above Asher and waited to surprise. Dogs broke out of the brush and attacked Asher. Soon came the dog’s masters- Orcs and Goblins lead by a Bugbear. The group fought bravely but Adrik was severally injured in the battle.

After spending the night at the encampment, which no longer kept a treasure or captives since the voice in the forest had taken them, the group headed out the next morning with Adrik on a makeshift stretcher. They made their way through the day into the night to return to The Staggering Profit Inn.

Arriving at the The Staggering Profit Inn early that morning the waitress Myra was the only worker available and two men- Fife a logger who was about to leave town with a shipment of timber only to be stopped by the weather and Gordan Terrance- a Cleric of Salah traveling north to Hawksford. On seeing the injured Adrik Myra starting looking for a vile she new the owner Dalia kept that had healing capabilities.

Without hesitation Gordan summoned the powers of Salah and healed Adrik. With Adrik now out of danger the group decided to rest after their travels and fight. Dessimerr went to sleep, Lucien headed back home to Hallowdale after a day’s rest, Asher charmed the waitress Myra and then “rested” and Adrik- who had plently of sleep while his companions carried him throughout the night, had breakfast and a drink with Gordan who had saved his life just moments ago.

Once everyone was rested the group spent the day doing their own things. Dessimerr hunted, Adrik drank and talked to patrons at the bar, Gordan- who had been asked by Adrik to join the group for his highly useful healing abilities- met the rest of the group and Asher chatted with Alex, the scholar also staying at the The Staggering Profit Inn. Talking with Alex, Asher learned not only was an a scholar but he was from Hawksford but more importantly he was Baron Alexkey Dratshev’s oldest son. Alex explained to Asher he had no use for his family status and more often that not ignored it.

Asher was highly interested in this since it is every goal of every member of the Wolfe family to move to the status of nobility- In fact it has become a sometimes brutal contest. The first to achieve this “wins”. Asher saw a way in with Alex for Alex was displeased with his father’s corrupt nature. Asher offer to help Alex, who declined, Asher persisted and convinced Alex to read his stars to see if the goal of nobility was even in his future.

Alex agreed but explained to Asher often the star readings are not that all-inclusive but more of a glimpse into possibilities except in rare cases when the destines are set by even the stars. Asher claimed to understand this and helped Alex collect all the group’s birth dates so he could get a more accurate reading as soon as the weather cleared.

The snow continued for two more nights and clear half way through the next day. The group planned to leave the next morning for Hallowdale to get horses for their journey to Hawksford with Alex after he gave them their reading. While eating dinner with most of the members of the small town in the The Staggering Profit Inn torches crashed into the windows. Lurking outside- Orcs, Bugbears and Goblins lead by on Goblin on top of his Worg mount.

Asher grabbed a torch and headed outside. Adrik followed, Dessimerr hanged back just at door to pepper the beast from afar with his deadly aimed arrows and Gordan held back prepared to heal whoever need it. The battle raged, Adrik was quickly brought down by the rusty blade of an Orc. Asher held off the bugbears for awhile slaying a few. Dessimerr’s keen aim took out several Orcs as well. Gordan strengthened Asher and attempted to get close enough to Adrik but the Orc would not allow it.

P. Dessimerr bravely engaged the Orc in melee and threw Adrik back into the bar so Gordan could heal him. The battle became even more grisly. Asher fell in battle, Adrik newly healed tried to protect Dalia, the owner of the bar from the Goblin leader his Worg mount. Adrik did not last long again this treat, and Dalia was nearly killed as well. Dessimerr was slain and Gordan and the towns people against the last remaining Orc and Goblin leader and the Worg.

The next morning Adrik and Asher awoke from their injuries. The battle had taken a large toll. Several towns people where killed, Dessimerr died as well, a few homes were burnt to the ground and everyone of the adventurers were hurt. Adrik and Asher nearly loosing their lives. Dalia, the owner was injured fighting the Goblin and Worg with shocking precision with her dagger. Dalia was now resting back at her and Constance’s now slightly damaged home.

Asher was started to feel uneasy with the whole situation. He started suspecting there was more going on then he knew or was being told. Why would the Goblins target the The Staggering Profit Inn? When being served food by Constance he started questioning her and insulted her cooking. Constance took this not well and ran away crying. Further convinced more was going on Asher questioned Ruben and Faas, they were holding information back.

Even Alex’s finished prophecy did not sway Asher from his goal to discover the truth. His questioning ended with he and Dalia holding weapons against each other the stairwell of the inn. Pinned Dalia had not choice but to explain to Asher that she and Ruben are members of of the Last Shadow Guild- a thieves guild that has been around for over a thousand years. The Staggering Profit Inn is a holding building for the Last Shadow.

This angered Asher, he felt this lack of given information put his life and lives of everyone in town in danger because the Goblins were likely looking for the stash of money being held at the inn. Adrik overheard the conversation and was upset at Asher’s reaction. Dalia and Ruben warned that Asher and Adrik had better keep their mouths shut or someone may have to help them with this task.

Sick of Asher’s stubberness Adrik with Gordan following him to try to resolve the situation left the inn and headed north for Hawksford. Asher grabbed Alex and told him about the Last Shadow guild and the money. Alex recommended Asher calm down. More reasonable now, Asher went to speak to Adrik to find Adrik had left.

Asher ran down the trail finally catching up with Adrik and Gordan. They argued and finally agreed to at least be reasonable and returned to the Inn. On their way back a pair of empty wagons and loaders tried to pass by. The group discovered that these wagons were picking up the load at the Staggering Profit Inn. They hitched a ride, upon returning Asher learned he was not welcomed in the in and had a small struggle with Dalia in the snow. After the fight they agreed to tolerate each other. This fight was the last straw for Adrik and he left.

Finally Asher and Gordan, the only ones remaining, heard the prophet from Alex. An unusual reading; Alex saw in all their stars a possibility of greatness… All the same possibility of greatness. The stars said they would be Defenders of an Empire, Delivers of a last Kingdom or Deceivers of a People. They would succeed at this task or die trying. Others may join this quest and be fated the same way but one of these destines will happen- Which one is unknown.

After hearing the prophet Asher, Gordan and Alex headed for Hallowdale to purchese thier horses and start down the path of the prophecy.


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