Welcome to Nalmorah.

Nalmorah is a large world filled with diverse Continents, Kingdoms and Peoples with rich and detailed histories to give GMs and Players alike a vast number of possibilities. GMs can use the whole of Nalmorah or focus on one Continent, Region, Kingdom, Province or Town. The goal of the GMs that created Nalmorah is have a world in which the PCs shape it. They are not overshadowed by NPCS. Stories of heroes of old are NPCS to admire, not to be concealed by; or are PCs from a game ran in an a different age.

Nalmorah has several difference ages to play in. The Last Age the world was still young, Kings and Warlords were craving out their lands. Next was the Second Age when many of the young Kingdoms and Empire matured to their heights. After the Second Age the lands of Lor’Elvenor and Corenka fell into chaos and the North Isles of Norgaroth and Vinora took sides, This is known as the Age of Darkness. Last is The Cleansing and After Cleansing when the chaos was trampled by the foot of Law.

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Rise To Power (Nalmorah)

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