Vampires, or Kali (The name given to themselves long ago), are creatures both blessed and cursed by a blood born disease. This disease gives them incredibly long life spans, speed and strength unmatched by any normal being of their native race. Those are the upsides, the disease also makes the creature extremely sensitive to sunlight- it burns them even in the slightest exposer. They also have a thirst for the blood of the living. Vampires need no other sustenance but blood and to them blood is an addictive substance.

Vampires come in many forms, the majority are infected, or Kappa Kali, they were bitten and contacted the disease. Next is the Asema Kali, the natural born, they are far more powerful then the lowly infected. The there are Obur, unfortunate souls who where born after a union of a nonvampire and a vampire. Last is the sad Bhutas they are brainless minions who’s minds where twisted by the disease.

The Vampiric disease has many rumored origins, the most popular has a divine hand in it. The story states that human named Nikolajs Kalnins pined a woman he could not have. The young woman’s name is lost to the sands of time but she was noble and he was not. The woman was to be married to a powerful war lord. Nikolajs Kalnins knew if this warrior suitor was dead his love and he would be other. He called with all the power in his soul Aingeru to his aid. He spoke to the darkness and made vile pacts with the God of Death. They day the War Lord and Kalnins’ love was to wed the War Lord was discovered dead in his bedchambers. The War Lord’s life seemed to be sucked out him and all that was left was gray and brittle corpse frozen forever in fear. Nikolajs Kalninswent his love’s father to beg for a chance to prove himself worthy to be her husband. Not only did her father reject him but so did the woman. This humilation was too much for Nikolajs Kalnins to handle. That night Nikolajs Kalnins damned Aingeru for his failure to live up to his side of the pact. These venomous words slung at the God Of Death brought his ire swiftly. In the middle of a hate filled tirade Aingeru appeared to Nikolajs Kalnins. The God of Death grabbed him and sunk his teeth into Kalnins’ neck draining most of his blood. Aingeru dropped Nikolajs Kalnins to the floor. The God of Death told Kalnins that for his arrogance he would forever live with his heartbreak alone. There would be no solace for him. That Kalnins would now be compelled to cause pain on others and drink their very life source. Aingeru then sliced open his vein and forced Nikolajs Kalnins to drink his blood. For days Kalnins though he would die, the pain was unbearable. Then one night he awoke, he felt powerful. Nikolajs Kalnins with confidence walked towards his love’s estate. He meet with her and drained her of every last drop of blood.

“Vampire” is an acquired template that can be added to any humanoid or monstrous humanoid creature (referred to hereafter as the base creature).

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