The Empire

The Myrmidon Empire is the youngest domain on Lor’ Elvenor. It was established 513 years ago after what the Myrmidon’s call “The Cleansing”.

Provinces of the Myrmidon Empire
  • Province of Alban: The western most province of The Empire, it is also the youngest. Enstated as a province in 443 AC.
  • Province of Ansgar: The largest province in The Empire in which the Holy City of Dorofey rests.
  • Province of Heilig: The province covering the islands north of the continent , these islands are the lands were the Myrmidon Empire originated.
  • Province of Helmfrid: The province just west of Ansgar to the Blue Cap Mountains, it is a hostel land of thick forests and vast swamps.
  • Province of Horst: The province just southeast of Ansgar it boasts the tallest peaks in all The Empire with its two mountain ranges and many scares from battles of old.
  • Province of Rayf: The province west of Province of Horst it has three of the most populist cities in all The Empire and its rich forest of Darkwood trees.
  • Province of Torum: The province wedged between Ansgar and Rayf Torum is a proud addition of The Empire with its stunning towns and cities.
History of the Myrmidon Empire
Life in the Myrmidon Empire

Social Class

Religious Ranks

Military Ranks

Crime and Punishment

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The Empire

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