Governed by: Viscount Anton Deitmar VIII (Myr Male Priest 15/Canonist 6) Population: 321,223 (26,646 Myrmidon, 279, 352 Human, 15,225 Other) Exports: Fish, shell fish, wale meat/blubber, quality goods, ships and Toal’s Leaf, Imports: Food stuffs, textiles, iron, quality goods, luxuries and honey

Rathreigh is a bustling fishing/whaling city that now serves as the capitol of the province of Alban. Founded by Captain Toal Rathreigh as a whaling town off the Sea of Hrier in 852 SA Rathreigh has a long, rich and sometimes seedy history indeed. Modern Rathreigh is a massive city of towering buildings, multi level pathways and shops with a seemingly maze like set up. At the center of Rathreigh stands a massive granite tower that casts a shadow on the tallest buildings in the city. Many sailors and travelers alike who enter Rathreigh with coin purses filled to the brim with gold and silver leave Rathreigh with on a few coins in their pockets but interesting stories to tell.

Since Alban was officially enstated as a province of The Empire in 443 AC the levels of debauchery have decreased but its hard to kick the prostitute out of the tavern once she’s making money for you. Gambling and Prostitution remained legal in Rathreigh after a very failed attempt to subdue the practice. The general lawlessness of a town that is a pit stop for many out of towners was reined in. No more drunken duels in the streets and the above mentioned Gambling and Prostitution is regulated. The Empire’s presence in Rathreigh is a welcomed one, for the most part, because it means safer streets for the honest (Or more honest) families of the dock workers, field hands, fisher men who make up most of Rathreigh’s populace.

The Empire’s coiffeurs is even more welcomed in Rathreigh then it’s soldiers or laws. Rathreigh boasts an impressive population and has for a very long time. It’s placement on the Sea of Hrier affords it to be a great pit stop for imports/exports but also rich fishing and whaling region. The sea is abundant all year because some species or another is migrating there- So one crop of out as another arrives. The Empire controlling Rathreigh ensures its infrastructure continues to build as quickly as it’s populace.

Rathreigh’s design is interesting, at some point very early on someone decided to build up instead of just out. This allows Rathreigh to keep a larger population is a small space but still allow for space. Of course this typically makes Rathreigh a nightmare to navigate if your not a local and sometimes if your are a local. An interesting little trade skill has arisen to solve this problem- City Guides. If you look lost in Rathreigh don’t fret someone will be there to help you quickly- It’ll cost you a silver or two but you’ll get where you need to be.

Notable Persons:

Viscount Anton Deitmar VIII: Sovereign of the lands of the Province of Alban; all the Barons, Dukes, Earls and Lords bow to Viscount Deitmar VIII. His standing in the True Church of Salah is high and it is believed he will soon replace the ailing ArchViscount Viktor Wolfram Stark IV as ArchViscount which puts him right in line to be Exarch someday. Viscount Deitmar VIII is also head of the feared Legion of Solan, a position that even makes the other Viscounts watch their words around him.

Viscount Deitmar VIII has lived in Rathreigh since he joined the Legion of Solan over thirty years ago and it is in Rathreigh he met his wife, the late Lady Anya Sokov. Lady Sokov was a very powerful merchant and her home base was Rathreigh. They had two children: Decon Grace Deitmar who has followed in her father’s footsteps and Anton Deitmar IX who is more his mother’s child. Neither of the children reside in Rathreigh.

Viscount Deitmar VIII is intimidating Myrmidon standing well over six feet tall with a husky build and snow white hair kept short with a trim beard. In his early 50’s Viscount Deitmar VIII has not lost his edge and neither has his bastard sword. Besides being a Viscount, leader of the Legion of Solan and a gifted warrior the most intimidating thing about Viscount Deitmar VIII is the inability to lie to the man, the words just won’t come out and the liar struggles to speak- A sure sign to the Viscount.

Kelcey Stanwood: Dean of Felton University Kelcey is a rather learned lady. A highly sought after teacher Kelcey has taught the children of Nobles and Bishops over her 43 years. Skilled in all the liberal arts Kelcey is most knowledgeable in philosophy and logic. Those who can afford to attend Felton University will get her as a teacher during their later years at the university but those with deeper pockets send their children to Kelcey as a full time teacher.

Lord Harmon Blair Ashford: The man who owns the Multiplex Amphitheater and the Versifier’s School of Learning in Rathreigh Lord Ashford is a rich man indeed. Not a man to just count his gold bars, Lord Ashford also entertains the crowd during Gladiatorial matches a the Amphitheater with his announcements and plays performed by the actors of Rathreigh. Lord Ashford also has his hands in mercantile crafts, gambling, prostitution, taverns and anything that is remotely fun. Busy hands catch the eyes of Viscount Deitmar VIII and Lord Ashford’s business enterprises are carefully watched.

Marshall Vera Balk: The highest ranking member of the Empire Military in all of Alban Marshall Balk has 25,000 troops under her command with 15,000 (6,000 Soldiers, 3,000 Legionaries of Solan, 3,000 Clerics and Paladins of Salah and 1,000 Town Guards) within the walls of Rathreigh. Marshall Balk is quiet woman who will thinks her problems out before turning to arms. If force is needed she will unleash it without hesitation but with wisdom and foresight. But there is more to the high ranking Myrmidon, Marshall Balk is an accomplished violinist and loving wife to Bishop Luka Balk.

Cardinal Leyton Diefendorf: Head of the True Church of Salah in the Province of Alban Cardinal Diefendorf is a stoic man who gives passionate sermons as he seemingly comes alive on the pulpit. The Church is his life and his life is the Church. Cardinal Diefendorf follows orders without question and expects all those under him to do the same, this puts him at odds with Bishop Balk who believes Salah’s words need to be re-interrupted because they were passed down to Myrmidons and Man and are flawed in the translation. Cardinal Diefendorf finds this insulting and his lectures become rather inflamed on the weeks he and the Bishop have had words on this matter. Cardinal Diefendorf (a half Myrmidon) is married to Dutchess Lidiya Petrovin (Myrmidon) and they have one child- Leton Diefendorf II.

Bishop Luka Balk: A man of great though and thoughts that often get him in trouble. Bishop Balk sees the word of Salah as a living text that must be revisited as times and thought changes. This has slowed is rise up the ranks of the Church leaving him heavily out ranked socially by his wife Marshall Vera Balk. This doesn’t bother Bishop Balk, he would rather not deal with the politics in the Church because faith knows no rank.

Notable Locales:

Grain Farms: Outside the city walls of Rathreigh are massive grain farms to help feed Rathreigh’s massive population. The farms surround three sides of city all the way to the boarder of Dagwood Forest. This area is dotted with barns, homes, wind mills and storage silos. Ten percent of the Rathreigh’s population live out here and approximately thirty five percent of Rathreigh’s population work on these fields every Spring through Fall. During the Winter months that same percentage is out of work.

Of course not all the grain is used for food, some of the fields are just for grains and hops for Rathreigh’s Burnside Ale. This ale tastes of semi-sweet caramely malt with a moderate bitterness. These fields are on the west side of Rathreigh’s grain farms. Another use of land is the fields of Toal’s Leaf which is dried and shredded for pipe smoking or rolled into cigars. A 5 oz. package of Toal’s Leaf pipe tabacco costs anywhere from 5 CP to 2 SP depending on where you get it. Toal’s Leaf cigars, which are said to be stronger, cost 2 CP each.

Just beyond Dagwood Forest on the trail leading to Rathreigh is the Forest’s Edge Inn and Pub Owned by Johan and Elma Fried . It’s the last rest stop before getting to Rathreigh’s gates which are six hours away from the inn. The Forest’s Edge seems to have been some estate for a lord who oversaw the work of the farms outside Rathreigh but now the two story Mansion, stables and smithy serves travelers leaving Rathreigh or on their way to the city. Once travelers get to the Forest’s Edge Dagwood Trail becomes a cobbled and guarded road.


  • Common room: 3 sp/night
  • Horse Stabling: 2 cp/night
  • Horse shoeing: 5 cp
  • Hot Bath: 1 sp
  • Bath: 5 cp


  • Breakfast: Blood pudding, Curds and Sharp cheese (3 sp)
  • Lunch: Stuffed salmon, Lentils, Spinach and Rice (3 sp)
  • Supper: Octopus, Spinach, Peas, Nut bread and piece of Rhubarb pie (5 sp)


  • Burnside Ale: This ale tastes of semi-sweet caramely malt with a moderate bitterness. Save DC 13, 1 SP/Pint.
  • Long Trail Hibernator Logger: This ale has a malty caramel and apple esters aroma with whiffs of leafy hop. A bit simple, but nice. Save DC 11, 2 CP/Pint
  • Malt Whiskey: A pirit distilled from malted grain, esp. barley or rye. Save DC 12, 2 CP/Shot and 5 CP/glass.
  • Achen Wine: A red wine with a fruity aroma and light citrus taste. Save DC 14, 8 Sp/Glass, 5 Gp/Bottle

Tuathal Spire: This granite tower at the center of Rathreigh reaches up to touch the sky itself. Who built the Spire or when it was built is a mystery but without question whoever has ruled Rathreigh since even before the Cleansing has ruled it from the Tuathal Spire. Currently Viscount Deitmar VIII rules Rathreigh and all of Alban from the Tuathal Spire. Viscount Deitmar VIII is a popular yet feared ruler; he has done great things to promote Rathreigh as a trading post, improved the infrastructure of the city and increased the wages of dock workers, fishermen and farm hands alike. The Viscount takes great pride in Rathreigh, it’s said he met his wife, the late Lady Anya Sokov, in Rathreigh long before he was Viscount.

The fear factor of Viscount Deitmar VIII is his strict code of laws for Rathreigh. Disobedience is swiftly and accordingly punished. Even the nobles have trouble buying their way out of punishments. The second is his ruler-ship of the Legion of Solan. The headquarters of this foreboding organization is within the spire itself. The Legion of Solan is an Order within the True Church of Salah that hunts down heretics, witches, the demon possessed and is the inquisition squad for the Church.

The Tuathal Spire complex houses not just the Legion of Solan headquarters, there is also a regiment of Empire Soldiers (6,000 troops) housed in barracks, the mansion for Viscount Deitmar VIII, government offices, courthouses, a Cathedral of Salah, armory and the spire itself. It is a massive complex.

Most of the populace of Rathreigh have little need to visit the Tuathal Spire but is a hot spot for tourists. The public is allowed in some sections of the spire and its surrounding buildings. The most pleasing spectical is to see the spire at night. Viscount Deitmar VIII recently had Gnomish engineers install electric lights in the spire itself and the grounds around it. Just after dusk electric lanterns in the square in front of the complex and spire itself all turn on all at once. It’s a beautiful sight. Occasionally this misfires, the power knocks out within a few seconds but the engineers get it working as quickly as possible. The electricity is provided by a water mill on the Mountain Run River that converts the energy into electricity and a series of cables bring the power to the spire. A lot of energy is lost in the transfer but Viscount Deitmar VIII would not allow the Gnomes to build a steam engine on the spire.

Waterfront Docks: Rathreigh sits on the banks of the Mountain Run River and the Sea of Hrier making it an important trade city and ship building hub. The Waterfront Docks face south towards the Sea of Hrier and are a maze of docks, warehouses, dry docks and ship building facilities. Dispite the perceived chaos the Waterfront Docks are very organized. One set of docks for unloading Merchant ships, one for loading Merchant ships, yet another section is for whaling and fishing vessels, a set of docks for repairing ships and dry docking and another for private ships and tourist. The Fish Market is also in the Waterfront Docks. The freshest fish and whale can be purchased here including at a few restaurants that enjoy a view of the sea.

Sky Docks: Rathreigh is one of the few ports in all of The Empire that does business with the Gnomes. Now the Gnomes have always been known for their inventions and innovations. The Tuathal Spire is home to one of these inventions- the electric light. Well other Gnome inventions include the Zeppelin and the Sky Ship. Both of which allow Gnomes to transport goods faster and more safely then ocean based vessels. To open trade with the Gnomes Viscount Deitmar VIII invited them to build the Sky Docks at same time they installed the electric lights at the spire. This towering complex is about 50 feet shorted then the Tuathal Spire and stands on the Waterfront Docks near the warehouses. The Gnome Zeppelin and Sky Ship can safely port and unload cargo on the sky docks without ever having to land- Which is a tricky feat in the middle of a city like Rathreigh. The cargo is lowered to warehouses through pulley systems although the Gnomes are wanting to bring their steam-powered elevators to make the job more efficient.

Multiplex Amphitheater: Southwest of the Tuathal Spire is the Multiplex Amphitheater a three open area complex and domed opera house with a view of the Mountain Run River. The main arena in the Amphitheater hosts the joust during the Rathreigh Spring Faire every year. Other events are held in the two smaller arenas and the square in front of the Multiplex. The rest of the year gladiator matches, plays and concerts are held in the smaller arenas. Occasionally bigger events like the festival for the Last Night Aveline are held in the large arena. Higher end events, often too expensive for most of the people in Rathreigh are held in the opera house.

Felton University: One of the top schools in all of The Empire for the studies of quadrivium (the studies of astronomy, arithmetic and geometry) and trivium (logic, rhetoric and grammar) Felton University has been teaching enlightenment to the masses who can afford it since 131 AC. The University is equipped with an impressive library, planetarium and one of the best telescopes around (And the fact it isn’t Gnomish is even more impressive). Attending Felton (assuming you pass the entrance exam) costs 500 gold pieces a year, this includes room and board.

School of Solan: A center of learning for the True Church of Salah the School of Solan schools Clerics the arts of Inquisition and Witch-Hunting. Although there are lay members of the Legion of Solan this place of learning is strictly for Clerics and Priests. An intense program that last four years the School of Solan makes or breaks the faithful of Salah who walk it’s halls. The school has a teaching staff of 75-100 and typically boasts 500 students.

Versifier’s School of Learning: A true college of arts the Versifier’s School of Learning teaches music, acting, writing (Artistic) and dancing. The length of programs vary greatly. Some students, typically the daughters of nobles and rich merchants attend a finishing program at the college. Others spend 2 years receiving a lesser degree in a performance type or 4 years in an in-depth program that produces many masters. To attend the college, in any program other then the finishing school, a prospective student must audition or provide an example of their work.

Harkov’s Academy: An exclusive academy of war Harkov’s Academy is attended by the rich and elite. Established in 302 AC by Vlasi Harkov. Vlasi Harkov was an unrivaled force on the battle field during the land wars in Province of Ansgar during the late 200’s. After the nobles drew the lines their new fiefs knights like Harkov had to find a new way to earn coin. Academy’s popped up all over but Harkov’s name alone made his academy stand out. Students start their training at Harkov’s Academy at the age of of 7-8 years old and typically graduate by 21 years old. Any graduate of the academy will find themselves in high demand.

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