Gods of Nalmorah

Nalmorah has a pantheon that runs through much of the whole world. Their names maybe different but they are the same Gods.

Over Deities

These three powerful beings created Nalmorah and all the other Gods. They are not directly worshipped by the mortals and few know of their existance.

Anslem: The Creator, Father of the Gods, Keeper of the Positive Energies. Alignment: Neutral Good (Though one must consider Anslem help create the world and the Gods. His entitlement of Good is merely due He is all the Positive Energy. Like the other Over Deities their Alignment does not have much to do with many of their actions.)

Marduk: Lord of the Dragons, Protector of the Balance. Alignment: Lawful Neutral

Aditi: Queen of Nightmares, Mother of the Gods, Keeper of the Negative Energies. Alignment: Neutral Evil

Greater Deities

These are the initial Gods created by Anslem, Aditi and Marduk for Nalmorah. From them the world was forged, other more specialized deities were created along with the races themselves.

The Three

Salah: Son of Anselm and Aditi; Salah is the God of Battle Valor. Alignment: Lawful Good. Salah was born with his siblings Anath and Belial and has been odds with them, Belial in particular ever since. A ferocious battle between Salah and Belial spilled onto Nalmorah making the whole world shake, Not wanting to see either of her brother’s killed Anath smashed down both their weapons with her mace saving them both from a killing blow and shattering the land masses into the continents they are now.

Belial: Son of Anselm and Aditi; Belial is the God of Tyranny and Power. Alignment: Lawful Evil. Belial; called The Beast by even the Gods themselves; is cruelty in incarnate. He uses the laws set by mortals and his father to make all obedient to him and no other. Belial shows no mercy to anyone except his sister Anath and even that has limitations.

Anath: Daughter of Anselm and Aditi; Anath is the Goddess of Balance and Protection. Alignment: Lawful Neutral. Anath holds the burden of counter acting the deeds of her brothers without causing a shift in the equation. She does this with grace, foresight and caring. Anath has taken the punishment of her and their mistakes to protect her brothers as well as the other Gods and mortals of Nalmorah.

The Other Greater Deities

Dracdumgar the Forger: Creator of the Dwarves, Gnomes and Halflings. Alignment: Neutral Good.

Taranis Amandil: Creator of Elves. Alignment: Chaotic Good.

Balazs: Creator of Orcs, Goblins, Ogres and other such beastly humanoids. Alignment: Chaotic Evil.

Auberon: Creator of the Fey Creatures and God of Art, Entertainment, Enjoyment, Love, Lust and Pleasure. Alignment:: Chaotic Neutral.

Intermediate Deities

These Deities were created by the Parents of the Creator Deities and the Deities themselves to serve the needs of special interests and wanted domains.

Odo: God of Fortune, Luck and Amusement. Alignment: Chaotic Neutral. Created by Aditi and Auberon.

Zahra: Goddess of Light, Good and Healing. Alignment: Neutral Good. Daughter of Anselm and Anath. The Torch of goodness and light Zahra is often at odds with Aingeru the god of darkness and death.

Odhran: God of Nature and Beasts. Alignment: Neutral. Created by Marduk and Taranis Amandil.

Aingeru: The Dark Angel of Madness, Death and Darkness. Alignment: Neutral Evil. Son of Aditi and Belial.

Lesser Deities

Lesser Deities are created by the Greater Deities without the assistance of the Creators.

Maia: Goddess of Magic, Knowledge and Creation. Alignment: Neutral. Daughter of Taranis Amandil and Auberon.

Viatrix the Wonderer: Goddess of Liberation and Travel. Alignment: Chaotic Good. Creation of Auberon and Anath.

Borislav the Destroyer: God of Devastation, Anguish and Chaos. Alignment: Chaotic Evil. Son of Belial and Anath.

Khalid: God of Hidden Knowledge, Secrets and Lies. Alignment: Neutral Evil. Creation of Belial and Viatrix.

Minor Deities

Minor Deities are created by forces of the Gods and Mortal ambition. Their powers and influence is very limited.

Ekkehardt the Strong: God of Strength and Luck. Alignment: Chaotic Good. Ekkehardt was a human barbarian who rose to God like status by kill Arkadi, a Great Wyrm Red Dragon, single handedly.

Aveline of the Forests: Goddess of Spring and The Hunt. Alignment: Neutral Good. Daughter of Auberon and Calla, a Nymph.

Divine Beings

Beings and Heralds created by the Gods to do their bidding and act as messengers to the mortals of Nalmorah.

Erinyes: A trio created by Anath to punish the most inhumane crimes.

Shai: Created by Aingeru and Zahra to measure and cut every mortal’s life cord. Shai himself with the permission of Aingeru and Zahra created four beings to help him with this task known as the Disirs.

Disirs: Named Kader, Laima, Urd and Bedisa these four work for Shai in spinning the life cord of every mortal on Nalmorah.

Shinigami: Servants of Aingeru that usher the souls of the dead to their judgement and final place.

The Stagioni: The Four Feys Odhran choose to ensure the changing of the seasons.

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Gods of Nalmorah

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