Rise To Power (Nalmorah)

Phantoms of Dagwood Forest

The scariest thing is what you think you see...


The journey from Dagwood to Rathreigh is a long seven day trek along Dagwood Trail. Six of those days you are surrounded by nothing but wilderness with the only signs of civilization are the cabins the dot the trail for weary travelers who need a good nights sleep. This journey is daunting any time of year for if anything goes wrong you find yourself helpless days away from either destination. The winter months are even more dangerous for there isn’t a sign of life, not even the wild animals, all is dead and you maybe next.

Leaving Dagwood for Rathreigh Asher, Viktor, Gorrdan along with Alex head down Dagwood Trail. Not many hours into the journey Viktor starts to see something following them but he can’t seem to pinpoint exactly where. Something in the forest again was playing with their minds just as before.

Their first night on the trail what was causing Viktor’s paranoia revealed itself. A human or what seemed to be a human at one point, white from head to toe- even it’s clothing. Asher, Viktor and Gordan engaged in combat with the creature. Each strike seemed to do less injury to the creature then the force that was put into it. When Gordan pulled out a torch the creature seemed to glide on the wind and disappear.

The next day and night Viktor was plagued with paranoia, that last night he left the cabin during his watch in the early hours to pursue his tormentor. Traveling up Dagwood Trail Shadow Silverfang, a Gnoll Ranger, saw and heard a figure screaming just up the trail. The figure dashed into the forest off trail. Shadow follows and discovers it’s a human armed and armored trying to find some imaginary foe.

Back at the Cabin Asher and Gordan wake to a freezing cabin.- The door was left open and Viktor missing. Asher and Gordan pick of Viktor’s trail quickly and call out for him. Not far into the forest Shadow keeps his distance from the crazed Viktor. Soon he hears the calls of Asher and Gorran and directs them to where he and Viktor are. Once they meet up Viktor is knocked out for his and everyone else’s safety. Asher tells Shadow of the unfortunate death of their fellow friend Dessimerr and they head back to the Cabin.

Once at the Cabin they exchange stories, Shadow has killed one of these creatures- with fire just the day before and he was looking for Dessimerr to help with a job just outside Rathreigh to kill an Ettin. The group agrees to help each other defeat the creatures and then deal with the Ettin.

Two more days of travel with Viktor still going in and out of paranoia and multipul sighting of the creatures Gordan sees a blue glowing light outside the cabin. Walking out he sees a cloaked figure standing in front of their horses performing some type of magic. Two of the horses were already marked with a strange symbol on their faces, Gordan alerts the others. The cloaked figure working on Viktor’s horse when the rest joined Gordan outside.

Viktor charges the cloaked figure who unsheathes a fiery sword, this does not stop him but the roots that grab his limbs after they rip out of the snow does. Once finished with the markings on the horse the cloaked figure speaks in broken Gnoll and even more broken common and explains the creatures in the forest are hunters and adventurers that were killed by a fey that was created to stop the over hunting in Dagwood Forest the winter before. They have become twisted and are attacking everything. The way to rid the forest of their presence once and for all is to kill the first. The cloaked figure bestows the fiery sword to the group along with alchemy that will make their weapons fire as well but only for a short time. The glyphs on the horses will protect them from the creatures so long as they are on the horses.

The next morning the group heads one day south on trail and then one day west into the forest. That next night, deep in the forest they make camp. A fire in the center, snow cleared and two eyes on watch. Quickly while Viktor and Shadow are attacked by the creature. It grabs a hold of Viktor and he struggles to get out of it’s grasp. Shadow lets loose a flaming arrow hitting the creature dead on as he yells for Gordan and Asher to awaken.

As they wake Viktor finally breaks out of the hold and attacks the creature with Shadow. Asher drags his sword and Gordan holds back to heal. Again and Again the creature is struck, it moved on the wind behind Gordan grabbed him and bit him. Taking advantage to the creatures immobilization while it held Gordan Asher swung down it on with all his might and sword blazing. This final blow the creature exploded into snow releasing a shock wave knocking them all down. The shock wave rippled through the forest and screams of the other creatures like it dying could be heard. All that remained of the creature was it’s heart of ice.


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