Rise To Power (Nalmorah)

New Faces, Different Places.

Rolfs Log

Just outside of Hollowsdale is established the Staggering Prophit Inn, a convienant location to rest while traveling to Dagwood to follow up on rumors of a dragon. It was beneficial to stop at the SPI, as a group of adventurers were looking to locate such a beast as well. Equiped with spoils of war which include draconic armor, I was approached by one of these men and questioned about such armor. Turns out a fellow named Helios was on a mission from an orginization to hunt and kill a whelpling of a green dragon. Looking to make my name known, as well as my adventures I agreed to help him in his travel. Along with this Helios, 2 others seemed to accompany him with a flying boat; these two are known as Boddyknock, and GnollFace. In addition to the hunt they seemed to have a damsel problem, that seemed to be on the way north to where the dragon resides. They needed to free the baroness from captivity from her Baron, disguised as Inquisitors we infiltrated the town of Hawksford and made our way to the dungeon as subtly as we could. Accompinied by my wife; Ysra, Helios, and Boddyknock (standing on top of another gnome), and GnollFace we interogated the baroness while Boddyknock spoke with the Baron in attempts to poison him. While that course of action took place we made our way to the dungeon where she was captive, to free her. Speaking too loudly apparently the herald hear us and locked us in her dungeon with her. Channeling the powers of Ekkehardt I enlarge my physical prowess and strength to burst the door down and make our way to the Baron. Ultimatly the Baron was killed by a strange wooden weapon with a metal shaft, as well as the deciesion to off the Chamberlin. Displeased with the deciesion of the baroness and gnome, I kept my mouth shut for the most part only to make an off hand comment on the baroness being a murderer and a harlet. Ending the discussion they choose to raise the flag of the baroness’s flag to signify that a new ownership is established.


“Channeling the powers of Ekkehardt I enlarge my physical prowess…” That’s What she said.

New Faces, Different Places.
JPoisson JPoisson

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