Rise To Power (Nalmorah)

Change of Direction

Down the new road of prophecy.


Reaching Hallowdale just before nightfall Asher Wolfe, Gordan Terrance and scholar Alex Dratshev look for logging and horses for the journey. Alex went to secure horses, Gordan and Asher went to secure logging. The only tavern in Hallowdale is the Falling Leaf and it does not double as an inn so Asher talked to locals, one woman in particular, about getting logging and Gorran went to the local Church of Salah to see if there were any room available.

Sitting in the Falling Leaf was Viktor, a human fighter of some skill, he was set to leave Hallowdale on a protection mission but his employer, High Priest Eckbert Von Ritter, was looking for additional protect for his son Dorofei who was delivering a sword on High Priest Von Ritter’s behalf to the current lord of Dagwood Sergei Lazarev. Seeing Asher and Gordan- Both men of the cloth, Viktor decided to discuss the job with them. After some brief negations and assurance from Alex that the problems with his family in Hawksford can wait Asher and Gordan agree to help Viktor with his task.

The next morning the group set out for Dagwood. The first leg of the journey was quiet until they arrived at the small town of Ferry Way that rests on the banks of Dagwood Lake- Ferry Way was eerily still. There wasn’t even anyone manning the ferry that transports travelers on Dagwood Trail across the lake which is much fast then going around.

Returning back to Ferry Way Viktor sees a woman with child in tow rushing for the Church- Seeing them she pleads for them to follow her for their own safety. Inside the Church is the whole community, hiding and very terrified. A man who they had buried three weeks before had risen from his grave- His corpse was tormenting his widow and their newborn child. How that man died as just as much of a mystery. The Priest told Asher, Viktor and Gordan the dead man was a kind hearted scholar in his life and never did any thing remotely violent until the events that lead to his death. The day he died his wife frantically ran to the town guard- bruised and beaten- told them her husband had attacked her. The Guards went to the barn where he was in his study. During the attempt to arrest him he resisted and he was killed.

Asher and Viktor left Gordan, Alex and Dorofei back at the Church and headed north east from the town where house of the dead man was. At the barn they were attacked by the undead corpse- After a struggle the creature was slain. His whole study was ripped apart, books everywhere- one resting on a table in a language no one could read. After helping the town re-bury the man they took to book to investigate what is about.

With the town freed of the threat the group took the ferry across Dagwood Lake. Making camp after crossing the lake the group began to be spooked. Something was watching them, just out of sight and was driving Viktor and Gordan mad. The last two days of the journey Asher was forced to knock out his companions as they were driven mad by something in Dagwood Forest.

Arriving in Dagwood Asher, Viktor, Gordan along with Alex escorted Dorofei to Lord Sergei Lazarev manor. They stayed the night and headed out towards Rathreigh the next morning.


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